ERTSS Seminar

The European Regional Transportation Security Series (ERTSS), organized virtually from March to September 2021 in several thematic sessions

It is intended to be a seminar to raise awareness of the threats to the transport of nuclear and radioactive materials and the associated consequences. The objective was to organize a dialogue with Central and Eastern European countries on the need to secure the transport of these materials.

The seminar is jointly organized by Romania (National Commission for Nuclear Control) and the US Department of Energy (DOE/NNSA).

Each session aims to discuss new threats, weaknesses of current practices, and good practices. The seminar is a continuation of the one that was organized in Tokyo in November 2019 in support of INFCIRC 909 (2017) on transport security.

One of the output of this seminar could be recommendations to be presented at the IAEA Conference on Safety and Security of Transport of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials to be held in Vienna in December 2021.         

ENSRA was requested to participate in the May 25 session «International Guidelines and Regulation Development» and to present the cooperation that have been set up by its members.   The presentation was given by ENSRA members from France.