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European Nuclear Security Regulators Association

On October 28th, 2004 an informal group of like-minded European regulators in nuclear security, and associated, government nominated, public advisory bodies, decided to create the European Nuclear Security Regulators‘ Association.

The regulators  recognized the need for increased co-operation and exchange of information between nuclear security regulators. Reason for this was the increased attention to security matters in nuclear energy and physical protection of nuclear material and nuclear facilities. It was recognized however that the responsibility for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a Physical Protection regime within a State rests entirely with that State and that confidentiality is an important issue.


During the last plenary meeting, ENSRA Members adopted the new terms of reference. It clarifies the roles of members in joint working groups with other organisations and authorities.

Additionally, the terms of the chair as well as the co-chairs have been extended to three years.

Due to COVID-19, this years annual meeting will be held online.

We have a new website.